The sweetness of ‘Prakriti’ or nature is like an awaiting gift to be discovered. Every winter in Bengal, nature prepares herself to gift us the sweet nectar which is extracted from the khejur or palm trees. This sweet nectar or the date palm jaggery as known to us, has its own primitive process and art of preparation.

Overnight, drop by drop the sap falls into the earthen pot which is tied on a particular segment  of the date palm or khejur tree. Early in the morning, the earthen pots are collected, filled with fresh and cool sap.


Once the fresh sap is collected, it is then emptied into a metal pan or tala ready for an optimum boiling called jaal for several hours, until the sap changes its colour from light brown into a deep golden brown and savoring its unique aroma. Finally, it becomes slightly viscous, slightly sticky. This is nolen gur or the non-solidified form of  date palm jaggery. The solidified form is known as the patali gur.

This fresh and healthy nolen gur adds a sublime sweetness for many sweet dish preparations and innovations for the taste buds. At MORAM, during the winter we make sure that our guests experience this traditional process of making nolen gur at the nearby village and of course indulge themselves in its divine sweetness.


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