For centuries, lifestyle and fashion accessory products have always been an integral element in defining a woman’s personality and in modern times, the innovation and experimentation in its development is ever growing. Brand Deshaj incorporates the sustainable forms in designing a new range of products like ‘recycled fabric jewellery’ which seamlessly adorns the beauty of a woman.

The art of making ‘recycled fabric jewellery’ comprises of finely handcrafted steps and processes which initiates zero wastage of fabric material. At the Deshaj Innovation Lab, hundreds of rural artisans are trained to develop these beautiful products for the demanding market. First, the wastage fabrics which are obtained from the tailored garments are collected and segregated as per colour schemes, shapes, sizes and patterns.


Now based on the outlined jewellery design patterns; the basic foundation is created where lots of interesting elements like fringes, beads, shells, coins, embroidered patches, miniature figures and many more such forms get integrated for the final jewellery piece. These products are extremely light weighted, colourful, economical in pricing and comes in lots of design variations.

For team Deshaj, it’s a cognitive processes which not only yields beautiful handcrafted products but also develops a sustainable growth and livelihood for the rural artisans, primarily the women. For the artisans, it’s a holistic development that builds a team effort efficiency, creativity, enterpreneurship skills, leadership qualities and  craftsmanship.


As per growing demands from the market, Deshaj creates a whole new range for every collection, featuring traditional craft techniques, contemporary silhouettes and an element of surprise. Also, these ‘recycled fabric jewellery’ pieces provide customer’s the scope to experiment their styling with various fashion wears.